Infant bath time essentials

Whilst bathing a baby for the first time can be a little daunting for first time mums and dads, most parents soon get the hang of it and bathing a little one can be a lot of fun for both parents and babies.

If you are preparing for your baby’s arrival or simply want to give your arms some relief when it comes to bathing your infant, you may be interested in the following infant bath time essentials for some parents.

A bath thermometer

Your grandmother, or even mother, may advice you to test your baby’s bath water with your elbow to ensure it’s the right temperature. Many modern mums however aren’t satisfied with this slightly antiquated water testing approach and prefer to use an utterly reliable baby thermometer to let them know when the water is at the correct temperature for baby.

Baby baths

A baby, particularly a newborn baby, can look extremely small in an adult’s bath. It is generally recommended to bath baby in a baby bath at least for the first six or twelve months for several reasons, namely that a baby is more secure in a smaller bath and when baby is safe, secure and happy, so is mum and dad!

Bath support seats

Babies grow at rapid rates and whilst you may be able to bath a newborn with ease, bathing a six month old with similar effortless is more dubious.

This is when a bath support seat can prove invaluable. You simply position this handy little seat into a bath and it means that both of your hands are free to wash your baby and your back doesn’t have to break in the process.

Baby bath support seats also allow babies to kick and splash around in the water and have lots of fun.

Bath mats

For older babies who have grown out of a bath seat, bath mats enable infants to sit up, splash around and play. In eradicating the worry that your bay might slip under the water, non-slip bath mats are a must for many parents.