Infant Colic Awareness Month

September is Infant Colic Awareness Month. With one in five babies being affected by colic, at Infacol we believe it’s important to create awareness of this sometimes confusing subject. This is why we teamed up with Cry-sis in 2017 to launch our campaign.

Infant Colic Awareness Month

Infant colic isn’t harmful to babies who suffer from it, but sleepless nights with a colicky baby that won’t settle can be hard on parents. Cry-sis is the only UK charity that’s dedicated to supporting parents through excessive infant crying. And through our joint colic awareness campaign, we aim to educate and support parents, so they can fully experience all the joys of parenthood.


Lack of sleep can affect relationships between adults and parents and their children. Through our research*, we discovered that 56% of mums in the UK say sleep deprivation has had an impact on their relationship with their partner and 38% say it’s had an effect on their relationship with their children**. Having a new baby can be hard enough physically and emotionally, without the added stress and frustration of colic.


Cry-sis came about in 1981 when a small group of parents, who were experiencing problems with crying and sleepless babies, decided to set up a support group. They discovered the importance of support and the reassurance that can come from talking to other people who may be going through the same.


Cry-sis helps support parents by:

  • provides a telephone helpline available seven days a week from 9 am until 10 pm,​
  • offers advice and information on how to cope with a sleepless baby and/or a crying baby,​
  • conducts research and increases public awareness.

If you’re struggling to cope with a baby with colic – you’re not alone. Visit and find out more about the support they offer.


*According to a survey of 947 British mums to children aged 0 to 5 years old, performed by Vital Research and Statistics for Infacol.

**NHS Tiredness and Fatigue. Date accessed: August 2019