Interesting parenting statistics!

Parenting is something that is always in a state of flux – style, as dictated by culture and context, changes as time passes and generations evolve.

It is the year 2013… and I am a mum. Wow! It’s a pretty crazy thought. So what’s the deal – what kind of parent am I? What behaviour typifies a parent of this time, this generation?

New research by Parentdish has dished the dirt on the state of parenting today. The 2000 plus mums and dads who participated in the survey revealed some interesting secrets that I have no would not have been admitted outside of the safety of an anonymous questionnaire. Check out these interesting parenting statistics:

·         A third of mums (34 per cent) have a favourite child, and so do 28 per cent of dads.

·         Over half of parents (54 per cent) have lied about their family’s weekend plans to friends and other parents – with mums being the worse culprits; 20 per cent lie about holiday plans and 18 per cent lie about afternoon activities.

·         Dads are more likely to fib about school grades and achievements than mums.

·         Dads are quicker nappy changers; mums take an average of two minutes, five seconds, whereas men take one minute, 36 seconds. (shhhh – you totally didn’t hear this from me)

·         More than a fifth of parents are pressured into buying their children techno-gadgets.

·         63 per cent of mums return to work for financial reasons.

·         61 per cent of dads feel that they fulfill their parental responsibility at home, 54 per cent of mums agree.

·         42 per cent of parents think things could be better with their children.

·         Only 6 per cent of respondents feel tired – say what!?

·         92 per cent of mums and dads say that the stresses associated with parenting are all totally worth it.

·         42 per cent said unconditional love and affection were the things that made them happiest about being a parent.

·         Sunday lie-ins and money are the things mums and dads miss the most.

·         Favourite celebrity role models are: Holly Willoughby (top for mums), David Beckham (top for dads) and also on the list was Kate Moss, Lily Allen, Adele, Brad Pitt, Gary Barlow, Cherie Blair, Prince Charles and Jamie Oliver.


We love, we lie and we miss a good loll.

I suspect that some things never change.

Source: – “Parentdish survey The State of Parenting Today”