Is It Safe to Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

Some remain loyal to their colourists throughout pregnancy, while others suffer the regrowth until baby’s out—but which is best?

Getting hair dyed

There is actually limited research into the potential side effects of hair dyeing during pregnancy. The general consensus, however, is that the amount of active chemical ingredients used to colour hair is too low to be harmful.

Technical colourist Amie Wilson does suggest that if you’re worried, hold off on the salon appointments for the first trimester. Then consult with a professional rather than doing a DIY dye job.“Because of hormonal changes, you can become allergic to the chemicals in the colour, even when you may not have been previously,” explains Amie. “While a reaction is rare, it’s important to do a patch test on your wrist every time you colour and wait at least 48 hours before colouring.”

And if the thought of enduring your roots for the first 12 weeks is too tortuous, try a root touch-up stick—or embrace the on-trend ombré. Alternatively, rock a messy bun; the style that hides a multitude of hair sins, and one which you’ll no doubt fall back on in many a busy mum day.

Via motherandbaby