Is motherhood boring?

I always love a mum who can keep it real and Lily Allen now Cooper is one such mum.  Read one of her latest twitter rants:

“Sometimes I wish I had better things to do with my time then change nappies, cook dinner, watch s**t telly and respond to Internet trolls. #bored #needtogetoutmore (sic).” – courtesy of

So – is motherhood boring?

No doubt Lily’s brazen statement has got mums up in arms – some mums, not all mums.

The truth of the matter, for many mums out there, is that the humdrum of nappies, poo, regurgitated milk, sleep training, tidying and online shopping –the stuff that quite easily becomes the all-encompassing life of a mums who’s at home with her baby – is pretty darn dull. There’s no escaping the fact. #you’rerightLily

The good news is that the routine that accompanies motherhood is only one aspect of being a mum – thank goodness! – otherwise we’d all be barking mad. There are only so many nappies that a mum can take before her mind wonders off into la-la land.

Babies (and children) make great companions; they’re funny and fun, playful and totally precious. Here’s the news: you do still love your child even if you think the routine thing is as dull as can be!

And the brilliant thing about lovely Lily’s little rant is that she provides a solution to the unyielding boredom of sameness; GET OUT MORE! There you have it ladies; when life’s a bore, get out more – it rhymes!

Hit the park, do a coffee, visit a museum, hook up with a friend – the world is full of possibilities. Never forget that!

Do you think that aspects of motherhood are boring?