I’ve Passed My Due Date—Does that Mean Induction?

So you’ve hit your due date and baby is still a no-show…soon anticipation may take on an bristly edge as your pregnancy extends into seeming eternity; but remember that a due date is only an estimate, so any active steps to get things moving won’t happen immediately.Baby bump

Rebecca Crowe, midwife at St Mary’s Hospital, London, explains that even if you’ve passed your due date, you’re unlikely to be induced—until at least 41 to 42 weeks gestation: “If your pregnancy has been straightforward then the best option is to wait a little longer for labour to start spontaneously,” says Rebecca.

The exception is if you notice any reduction in foetal movement, or you start to feel atypically unwell—then you must contact your midwife orobgyn immediately, and an induction may be advised.

In normal pregnancies that have gone past the expected date, other methods to encourage labour will usually be tried first. A ‘stretch and sweep’, administered by your midwife, can stimulate your cervix to secret labour hormones prostaglandins and kickstart the process naturally. Keeping mobile and active can also help.

The important thing is to go on as before; maintain a positive attitude (in spite of the cankles!), don’t stop your exercise regime, continue to eat healthily and stay hydrated. And take every opportunity to rest up in between—it may seem far away, but things are about to get very, very busy!

Via babyology ( http://www.babylondon.co.uk/passed-due-date-induced/ )