KidSitter: The Pronto Babysitting Service You’ve Been Waiting For

Wrangling a babysitter at short notice is usually near-impossible, or flat out impossible. But imagine you could hire kiddie help within just a two hour window of impromptu dinner plans, an emergency work meeting, or because your usual go-to has ditched you?

Babysitter and baby

With almost everything on the planet offering on-demand delivery, why should babysitting be any different?

KidSitter, a London-based sitter service, has over 150 fully vetted childcare professionals on call to babysit in London at prearranged notice, or short notice–just two hours, to be exact.

All of the OFSTED registered nannies, nursery assistants, teachers and childminders undergo rigorous background and reference checks, as well as face-to-face interviews. The application criteria are specific; in fact, just one in 10 applications make it onto the team.

Besides the peace of mind in such stringent application requirements–and the ability to book post-haste–the major advantage to using KidSitter is that there is no membership, and no booking fees. Just a flat rate of £12 per hour for three hours minimum, and this covers up to three children. Bookings and payments are done online–no need to faff with cash when you’re already pressed for time.

Mum Sally recently used KidSitter for the first time and shares her experience: “My youngest is about to turn three in a few months’ time and he was not impressed at all with me leaving him with a complete stranger. However, Yolanda was very patient and calm and kept chatting to him – she didn’t push herself onto him and she gave him the space to come to her. When I returned, Maxi was very happy. He even gave her hugs and kisses when she had to leave! I have never ever tried a babysitting service before, so this was a BIG DEAL for me, but I would absolutely use KidSitter from now on.”

Best of all, if you’ve booked and a babysitter cancels, KidSitter automatically sends a replacement. So you can get on with your work meeting–or, more importantly, get to your dinner date, without worry.

To get your adult time booked into the calendar, visit KidSitter here.

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