Kissing your baby on the lips – is this a no-no?

So, another one of those parenting debates is: whether or not it’s okay to kiss your tot on the lips. For some parents, this is a really obvious thing to do but for others it’s a little uncomfortable.

In one corner of the ring we have mums who love nothing better than a sloppy smack on the lips and in the other corner is a more stoic type of mum who feels that the intimacy of a lip-kiss should be kept for a mate, never mind the germ issues associated with mouth-to-mouth contact. It’s like Italy versus England.  

Like many debates in parenting circles, there is not really a right or a wrong. Culture has a lot to do with it but so too does modern society.

The world in which we live has become so hyper-sexual that breastfeeding mums rarely manage to avoid the ‘but that’s not what boobs are for’ looks from disgusted passers-by – a mum kissing a child on the mouth could also induce the same sort of reaction. Ridiculous? – Who’s to judge?

Do what you’re comfortable with. We are definitely a family of kissers. I kiss my children on the mouth – because I love them.

If I’m ill, I don’t do it and if they’re ill, mum’s cheek is an adequate substitute.

The interesting thing is that I don’t come from a kiss-kiss family. But, as it turns out, it’s one of the ways that both my husband and I show our children that they’re precious to us. Kisses before work, kisses before bed, kisses just because.

Yes please, I’ll have one any time.

What do you think about kissing your kids on the lips? – Is it something that you do or does it make you uncomfortable?