Kneepads for babies

Crawling is such an exciting milestone! Just as Columbus set out to discover the new world, so too does your baby; the pace is significantly slower but the navigational hazards are as plentiful.

Babs has obstacles to manoeuvre and rough terrain to cross.

Kneepads for babies

Now there are two approaches to crawling: the first is that babs needs to learn from his environment, and if a few bruises are acquired along the way well… it’s all part of growing up. The second approach is to protect protect protect – sore knees really aren’t fun.

If the latter option is you, you might be interested to know about kneepads for babies. Yes, there are kneepads and elbow pads made just for crawling babies! And they’re not only suitable for little crawlers, they’re great for babs during those early days of wobbly walking.

The kneepads for babies are suitable for adventures both inside and out, and they’re suitable for children from the age of 6 months all the way up to 3 years.

  • stocks a cute pair of Crawling Baby Kneepads in girly colours (white, pink and yellow) with an elephant graphic.
  • offer a simple protective design, in plain colours, and you can get a great two for 10 deal – two pairs for £10.
  • hosts a cacophony of kneepads for babies and elbow pads of varying designs and prices.

The next step is to get your little crawler to keep his lovely new guards on!

Can you recommend any brand/design of knee/elbow pads that your babs used when figuring out the whole walking/crawling thing?