Knitting for babies

Here’s an FYI – knitting is not about mothballs and motley coloured jerseys or kitsch Christmas cardigans. Knitting is cool. Knitting for babies is cooler.

Online knitting store, Deramores, saw sales of baby knitting patterns surge to record highs in 2013, and current Google trends show that UK searches for ‘baby knitting’ are currently at their highest level in a decade, with searches for baby blanket patterns on the increase.

As well as this, searches for ‘how to knit’ and ‘how to crochet’ have peaked in the last three months to reach highs not seen in at least ten years.

Now these are great statistic but all they attest to is that knitting for babies is a burgeoning trend. The numbers say nothing about what kind of things are being knitted for newborns. It could be that there are more babies (the UK being in the midst of a baby boom and all) and so perhaps serial knitters are having to work that much harder to produce sweaters for their ever increasing families?

The question is: what gives knitting for babies its ‘cool factor’?

Firstly, modern advances in knitting have made baby yarns totally versatile meaning that even the softest of compilation garments and blankies can be machine washed and dried (and the mums of the world chime “yes!”).

There are also loads of knitting tutorials available online, baby knitting patters are also freely available – making the knitting culture more accessible to everyone. But ‘cool’ is not comprised entirely (if at all) of practicality.

Knitting has embraced the creativity of a more liberal society – one that embraces vibrant colours, skulls and crossbones, fruit-inspired baby beanies, hats with animal ears, luminous shuffle socks, fairytale cloaks, floral headgear… and the list goes on. Baby clothes are no longer pastel cardigans and ill-fitting booties. Knitting for newborns is fun and funky.

Also remember; it’s not always about the pattern itself but about how you interpret it!

If you’re keen to get started, Deramores has some great tutorials and patterns to get you started.

Pinterest has some FABULOUS boards dedicated to cool knitting ideas for kids and babies’ Funky Knits is one example.

If your granny didn’t teach you to knit, don’t be disheartened! Why don’t you start a new tradition? Get a group of your mummy pals together and start knitting for your newborns!

What’s the best item that you have either knitted or received for your baby?