Latest baby name trend! – Medieval names!

Okay – so if you want to know what baby names are trending at the mo, think Millicent, Elvina and Wyatt, the likes of which were popular when men were put in stocks for bad behaviour and if someone sneezed you ran a mile.

According to a new survey by parenting sight Netmums medieval names have made a comeback!

Apparently names cycle in popularity every 80 years but many of the names parents are choosing haven’t been popular for 800-odd years.

Fantasy names have also been popular just recently – Millicent sounds an awful lot like ‘Maleficent’ and “Game of Thrones” is the flavour of the week – but research shows that parents have already ditched this trend for ye names of old.

Audley, Peyton, Kendra, Merek, Alianor, Brom, Fendrel, Hadrian, Arabella, Hildegard, Catrain and Borin are the kinds of names you’re likely to start hearing about.

And, in case you’re in a name-trend-panic (Carac, Terrowain and Godiva are not everyone’s cuppa, after all) there are some more conventional sounding medieval names that make the cut – Gavin, Leo Ronald, Beatrix, Janet and Rose are but a few. Phew!

To find out more about the types of names used in medieval society (or if you feel like a bit of a giggle), visit – there are some great ideas!