Would You Leave Your Baby’s Name to Public Vote?

A Gloucestershire mum recently extended the usually private, and almost always difficult, task of baby naming to the public. Turns out widening the pool of voters doesn’t necessarily make the job any easier. Who would’ve thought.

Naming a baby

Jemma Roberts enlisted the sage advice of the Internet to help name her rainbow baby, and she’s finally revealed the tally — and her newborn son’s official moniker.

Roberts explained that after the cot death of 3-month-old daughter Sydney-May, she was struggling to immerse herself in the process of finding a new name for her new child.

“HELP. This little rainbow BOY is still nameless. Mummy and daddy just can’t choose so please vote for the name you like the most.”

The viral Facebook poll thankfully did not result in a revival of the Boaty McBoatface victory, but out of three top picks, the public inevitably demonstrated that the sacred ritual of baby naming is far too big a deal to leave in strangers’ hands, and the final vote revealed an indecisive compound of…yup…three names: Linc Loki Chay.

Expectedly, Jemma decided that the decision should be brought closer home, and, in a resounding anticlimax, instead asked for the help of family and friends. The final choice? Linc–a shortened version of classic but trending baby name Lincoln; which is, admittedly, a great name all by itself.

“Something had to give, so I dropped Tate,” she told the paper. “[My children] Theo and Lauren have wanted it for a while and we all like the name so it seemed the way to go.

“I’m a bit gutted not naming him by myself but I do love it and I’m just pleased he’s got a name.”

Pointless poll aside–would you be tempted to outsource the tough job of choosing your baby’s name?

Via madeformums