Would You Let Your Kid Dress You? This Mum Did (and it’s Hilarious, Obviously)

I once read that a typical 3-year-old girl’s dress sense can be succinctly described in – coincidentally – three simple words: crazy homeless princess.

Mum and daughter

And to the detriment of my street cred as I step out with my own ‘interestingly’ attired daughter every morning; I have to agree with the sentiment. 

With that being said, would I ever let loose once on a while and allow my child to choose my own clothing?

Not a monkey’s.

But this mama is far braver than I — and for the pure purpose of Intertainment, she’s shared the expectedly cray-cray results of her experiment.

Check out blogger mum Jenna Gallina’s revamped wardrobe (for a week), courtesy of “very colourful and always spunky” daughter Jade – who’s also three, by the way; you know, the age where reason totally reigns…

(And for the record, the kooky ensembles bear a striking resemblance this little guy’s stint at playing stylist, so gender is definitely not a factor in making eccentric fashion statements.)

Active Wear: what mummy should wear when she goes for a run

Mum and daughter

Mummy usually wears Lycra shorts, track shoes and a tank top to run…This time – skinny jeans. And a dress. And a tennis racquet — just in case.

At least she got the running shoes.

Casual Wear:  what mummy should wear when we play

Mum and daughter

In the world of a girl, there’s no fun to be had unless there’s dress-up involved.

Enter the dress. Paired with fluffy slippers. Of course.

Date Night: what mummy should wear when she goes out after dinner

Mum and daughter

Why a onesie, you ask? That’s easy: “Mummy doesn’t go out after dinner,” states Jade.

Work Wear: what mummy should wear when she goes to the office

Mum and daughter

Blue shirt. Boxer shorts. Killer heals. Power dressing WIN.

Oh, and a baseball hat.

If you’re keen to have a bit of fun by surrendering to some inevitable fashion faux pas, simply upload your own photos through Babyology’s submission form at the bottom of this article – the editorial team’s favourite outfits will be featured in a post later in the month!

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