Let’s hear it for the dads!

Pregnancy is usually all about the mums. Ok, yes, it’s mums that are carrying the baby, watching their body change, experiencing hormonal craziness, potentially spending a large portion of time feeling and/or being stick and probably worrying constantly about the impending birth. However, let’s take a moment to give some recognition to dads; after all they’re bound to be feeling a whole heap of emotions too!



Becoming a father is one of the most important and fulfilling jobs a man will ever have, and getting as involved as you can during every step of pregnancy is the best thing you can do for your child and your partner. It’s perfectly normal to be confused and worried about becoming a dad. You may be concerned about how you’ll provide for your family, how to balance a baby, work, some kind of social life, sleep deprivation and how you’re going to be the best father you can be. Things in life will change. There will be a lot of negotiation and organisation to do a simple thing like have a night out. While a lot of men aren’t used to asking for help and advice, now is the time to seek support if you need it.


Life will never be the same again. It may be a whole lot better and more rewarding, but it’s also going to be tiring, stressful and challenging. Preparing yourself for this is the first part of becoming a new parent. Your routine will ultimately have to change, particularly your sleeping patterns.


When your baby is born, you may feel like the world revolves around your partner and your newborn at first. But remember you’re in this together and working as a team and preparing for the changes to come will give you the best start. Learn how to do everything along with your partner – how to dress and bathe your baby, change nappies and settle and comfort your newborn.


Remember – take one-step at a time, you can’t know everything and you probably won’t get it all right the first time. Being a dad is one of the biggest challenges anyone can go through so take your time and keep trying – it is so worth it!