Life is relative – for mums especially

Today I had a mini-crisis; let me explain: I thought my nearly-two-year-old lost her bunny.

Now this happens fairly often but usually I can retrace steps and actions, and have a vague sense of where bunny was last seen. But not today.

Today I thought I had seen him in the car when I went to fetch my elder daughter from Nursery, and after searching high and low I assumed he’d been lost on the road and was most likely buried under a pile of autumn leaves somewhere – gone for good.

So I put my daughter down to nap sans bunny and oh did she wail with great torment. So I carried on looking, not entirely convinced by my memory, all the while muttering curses because bunny would have to be lost on school-function-day, meaning that my poor babysitter was likely to be subjected to inconsolable toddler woes meaning that I’d probably be called home from the school function in any case.

And then I found bunny. In the washing machine (duh). I should have known; I found a pair of goggles, some bottled spices and a shoe in there the other day.

My relief was palpable.

I went in to my sweet one’s room to deliver her precious cargo and she was sitting up in her bed, forlorn and tear stained, playing with a not-bunny-teddy’s ribbon. Her relief was more tangible than my own, and she fell asleep immediately.

And then I laughed. The most stressful part of my so-far-short day was the loss of a teddy.

I know someone who has just miscarried her second baby, I know someone who is younger than me and might have cancer, I know someone who has been out of a job for 6 months… the list could go on.

And my biggest stress (at least at that moment) was… the loss of a teddy.

I tried to look at the situation philosophically – to inspire a sense of gratitude and awareness, which it did. But mostly, it made me realise that…

…mums have got to get out! Read the newspaper. Read books. Talk to people who don’t have children. Go to movies. Engage in life, and remember that we live in a world that is not all about… us.

And when life is about a toddler who misses her bunny, let me be the best mum I can be.