Listen to your baby’s heartbeat with new app

One of the things I loved most about being pregnant was being able to hear my baby’s heartbeat; it was a sign that all was well with babs (which was a great relief) and was a reminder that there really was a human being growing inside my belly. Pure magic.

I always thought that it would be amazing to be able to just tap into your baby’s heartbeat at any time; to listen to the sound of life – to connect – at a whim.

And guess what? – There is a way!

The Bellabeat App, by Sandro Mur, offers all the usual ‘track your pregnancy’ stuff but it also allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat. (Isn’t it awesome to live in the age of modern technology?)

All that you need, along with the app, to hear and visualise your baby’s heartbeat is Bellabeat pregnancy tracking device, which is a heart monitor attachment (that can be purchased online for around £80).

And not only can you listen to your baby’s heartbeat but you can record it too.

Other features included in the app enable mums-to-be to: share experiences with loved ones privately or on social networks, count baby’s kicks and keep a chart, track and organise your prenatal care, calculate relevant dates in pregnancy and engage with the community of other pregnant women , exchange experiences and reach relevant information related to their pregnancy.

The aim behind the app is to make pregnancy tracking interactive and social.

For more information on the Bellabeat App and the heart monitor attachment, visit, and to download the app (which is free), CLICK HERE.