Livin’ for the Share: New Video Pokes Fun at our Social Media Obsession

Posted a pic of your breakfast today? Let the world know how your toddler took her first tinkle in the big-girl toilet? Broke the Internet with a billion (boring) holiday selfies?

Livin' for the share: new video pokes fun at our social media obsessionSet to Bon Jovi’s classic anthem Livin’ on a Prayer, What’s Up Moms, the comedic mamas behind YouTube’s hugely popular parenting channel, belt out an hilarious skit dedicated to over-sharing, social media addicts.

Entitled Livin’ for the Share, the 2 minute video plays on the pressing need to document (and edit) our long-suffering families’ every move – no matter the obstacles; from dead batteries to bad lighting, and the near-insurmountable task of getting everyone in the frame to frikkin’ smile like normal people.

The struggle is real, folks:

Ridiculous posing and comical lyrics, all to the tune of a drunken karaoke night staple, take the sting out of the inherent commentary on our shareaholic culture — we’re totally obsessed with getting that perfect shot, spending hours behind the camera(phone) at the expense of being fully present in the moment.

When you think about how short time with loved ones actually is, just ask yourself if the quest for the best pic is about preserving memories or pimping that Facebook profile.

(Everybody’s too busy looking at their own photos – and not yours, anyway.)

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