Long distance parenting advice

Many parents, whether it is because of a separation, work commitments or a divorce, are forced to live away from their children, which can be painful for everyone involved.

When a child is young it is particularly important for parents to maintain a connection with their child. For long distance parenting, whether it be temporary or permanent, it is essentail that you keep a connection going, which can seem like a daunting task. Our long distance parenting advice may help.

Long distance parenting advice

Implementing certain strategies to stay in touch with children who live far away is extremely important so that both parents remain involved with bringing up their children. These ‘strategies’ need not be costly or time consuming, the trick is to practice them regularly and get into a ‘communication’ routine.


There is nothing quite as comforting, reassuring and even exciting for children as receiving a letter through the post. Even if your child is not old enough to read, having someone read to her about what you have been doing, asking what she has been doing, telling her that you love and miss her, can mean the world to a child. Ensure that the letters are sent regularly, at least once a week.

Make regular telephone calls

Children, generally speaking, thrive on routine and dedicating the same time every week to speak to your child on the telephone will help re-establish some ‘normality’. There is nothing quite like hearing the sound of your child’s voice and vice versa so aim to make phone calls as frequent as possible. 

Emails and webcams

Children are dabbling with technology younger and younger these days and it is there to be taken advantage of. If your child has an email account send her regular emails, as they are a fun, convenient and free method of keeping in touch. Likewise if you and your child have a webcam, use it regularly, this way you will have visual contact with your child as well as vocal.

Always be there on your child’s birthday

Your child’s birthday is an extremely special day and always endeavour to be present for her ‘big day’. If you work, book a day’s holiday especially to see your child on her birthday, likewise try to put any difficulties with your partner to one side so that you can both be present at your child’s birthday celebration