Lose baby weight with program designed for new mums

Heard of 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone? It’s the celebrity endorsed baby weight loss program created by Hollywood fitness trainer Ramona Braganza.

Endorsed by which celebs…? A bunch, including Jessica Alba and Halle Berry – and they look pretty good, right?

Now if you’re like me, you’re suspicious of any weight loss routine that comes out of Celebville; I mean, not all of us can afford thirty trainers and ten cooks to design and cook up healthy menus. But ‘321’ – which stands for 3 meals, 2 snacks and 1 litre of water a day – seems to be mostly accessible to regular, run of the mill, time-strapped mums.

The diet is a three-week program that focuses on low glycaemic carbohydrates, lean proteins and an abundant intake of vegetables, and compound exercises that work a lot of different muscles at the same time (designed especially for mums who have little time to indulge in exercise).

The diet involves calorie counting (which can be annoying) but in the same vein it doesn’t require that you give up your favourite foods.

Where it requires particular motivation is the exercise bit, which involves a combination of strength training, circuit training, and cardio exercises – as well as an ‘Post-Partum Workout DVD’ that you’ll have to order from the US.

In the meantime, while you consider your options, here are some of Braganza’s weight loss eating tips:

  • Always eat breakfast.
  • Avoid adding butter and sauces to your meals.
  • Emphasise salads (without dressing) and steamed vegetables.
  • Eat meats that are poached, baked, or grilled.
  • Instead of white pasta or rice, eat the wholegrain version.
  • Have fruit for dessert.

And recommended foods are: low carbohydrate vegetables, eggs, chicken breast, tuna, lean beef, brown rice, whole wheat bread, nuts, legumes, balsamic vinegar, fruits in moderation (due to high sugar content).

All totally doable, right!? The only thing that sounds a little blagh is poached meat – ick.

To find out more about the 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone diet, read Mizpah Matus’s review on Everydoet.org – “321 Baby Bulge Be Gone”.