Lose the baby weight diet

The Lose the Baby Weight Diet essentially involves no starving and instead eating plenty of lean protein, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables and taking regular exercise.

Below are several tips on how to achieve long-term success on the Lose the Baby Weight Diet.


1. Avoid starting dieting too soon – Your body has been under immense strain and it is important that you give it chance to recover before you start exercising or dieting.

You know your body better than anyone and will know when it feels ready to start fighting the baby bulge, but as a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you wait until after your six-week check-up before you start trying to slim down.

2. Be realistic – You may want to regain your post-pregnancy body, but for many women, having a baby causes permanent changes to their bodies, such as a ‘softer’ tummy or slightly wider hips.

It is therefore important that you give yourself realistic weight loss goals to avoid disappointment.

3. Embrace exercise – The secret to successful weight loss is a combination of eating healthily and doing exercise. Whilst exercising after a night of seriously deprived sleep may be the last thing on your mind, in order for the Lose the Baby Weight diet to be successful, you need to embrace exercise.

Remember it doesn’t need to be too strenuous, and if you are stuck for a babysitter, taking the baby for a walk in a pram can be a great form of exercise, just make sure it is done regularly and that you enjoy it.

4. Don’t skip meals – With a newborn baby to see to and a tummy to seriously tone, it is easy for mums to skip meals. Skipping meals will just lower your energy and make you feel grouchy, making it harder for you to exercise and look after your baby.

Eat regular, healthy meals, full of vegetables, whole grains, carbohydrates and protein and it will leave you in better stead to accomplish a successful Lose the Baby Weight Diet figure.