How to Make Rainbow Oats for Sensory Play

While engaging our children in meaningful activities is obviously important – the kinds of opportunities where they can actively explore and learn about the world around them – it can be difficult to find the time (or summon the necessary creativity) to consistently find new ways of doing so.

Rainbow oats

Luckily, kids are not high-maintenance when it comes to fun; bright colours, mess, and a bit of freedom for expression are the only prerequisites.

This sensory play tutorial for rainbow oats ticks all of the above, plus – bonus for mum – it’s  fast, easy and inexpensive; perfect for emergency entertainment on rainy days ( or days when everybody needs a break from routine).

You’ll need:

  • 6 cups of large flake wholegrain oats (1 cup for each colour)
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Paper towel

In a bowl, mix approximately 1.5 tablespoons of water with 8-10 drops food colouring.  (You need just enough liquid to coat the oats).  Add the rolled oats.  Once all the oats are evenly coated, plop the mixture onto paper towel and place in the sun to dry – an hour should do.

Finally, arrange coloured oats into a pretty rainbow and marvel at your brilliance. Take a picture, preferably, because your careful colour-coding won’t last long!