Making the most of maternity leave

Unless your little one makes a surprise early appearance, you should have some time before they arrive to enjoy your maternity leave. The last few weeks before your labour will likely be some of the quietest moments of the upcoming months, so take this opportunity to rest, rest, rest- this TLC time will be limited once your baby arrives!



Here are ways you can make the most of your maternity leave.


Duvet day

Book a whole day out for you. Start with your favourite breakfast, before moving back to bed or the sofa and have a TV marathon, read your favourite trash magazines or play games on your phone. Have lunch and repeat. Savour every moment that no one else needs you, because very soon that will change!


Be a lady that lunches

Grab some friends and head out for a yummy lunch together. Enjoy leaving the house by simply putting on your shoes, coat and locking the door behind you, before the imminent military mission that stepping a foot outside will be!


Get your groove on

While your groove might be slightly limited at this late stage in pregnancy, pop on some of your favourite tunes and crank up the volume as loud as you want to! Pretty soon you’ll be mostly listening to lullabies, followed by The Wheels on the Bus, and not long after that the only tune you’ll have in your head is the intro to Peppa Pig.


Pamper yourself

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach your toes by now to paint your nails, so book into a salon, have a friend come over and pretty up your feet or just do anything else that makes you feel wonderful. Have a long soak in the bath (without rubber ducks), do a face mask, or go all out and book a spa day.


Cook your favourite meal

There’s a chance you may end up grabbing whatever food you can for the next few weeks, and if you do get a chance to cook anything you may well be eating it with one hand while feeding the baby or it’ll be lukewarm by the time you sit down. Enjoy a lovely, piping hot dinner of your choice – even better if you can get your partner to cook it for you!