Making your own festive family traditions

From carol services and community light switch-ons, to favourite festive stories and new PJs for Christmas Eve, there are many traditions families enjoy together at this time of year. Some may have been passed down through generations with the reasoning behind them unknown; others may yet to be discovered. This is the perfect time of year to come together as a family and enjoy your traditions, or make new ones!



Here are some ideas other families have shared online about their own festive traditions.


“We always make a Christmas Eve box for our son. We use the same box every year and he opens it early evening. We put in a new pair of Christmas pyjamas, a Christmas DVD and some chocolate. We then all put our PJs on and snuggle up to watch the film together.”


“This is something my mum started years ago and we still do it to this day. I don’t really know why, but we all have a ‘tree present’ after our Christmas dinner. This is just a small gift that mum buys everyone, and it sits under the tree when all the others have been opened, then we open it after dinner at the table, and it’s labelled ‘from the tree!”


“Ever since I can remember we always went together to pick our Christmas tree, and it was always on the second Saturday of December. There were often arguments about which tree to get, but we always got the biggest one to fit in the house, then we spent that evening decorating it while listening to our favourite Christmas songs. This is something that I’ve carried on since having my own family.”


“We live in a small village and every year, without fail, we all go as a family to watch the lights be switched on. Whether it’s freezing cold or pouring with rain, we’ve never missed it in the whole time we’ve lived here.”


“We decorate the house and tree on 30th November every year, so it’s ready for when the little ones open their advent calendars the next day. I’ve always thought it’s odd to be counting down the days to Christmas without having any decorations up!”


“When my partner and I spent our first Christmas together, we both chose a new decoration for the Christmas tree. Since having a family, we’ve continued to do this. Every year we go shopping and all pick a new decoration – the tree is getting quite full now!”