MAM Oral Care Rabbit – why you (and your baby) should have one

Brushing teeth is one of the great woes of childhood. In general, children are not fans. But on the plus side we are lucky enough to be part of a modern world that prides itself on a plethora of gadgets and gizmos aimed at making money life easier. On that note…

One clever little invention that is designed to make the whole brushing teeth thing a tad less woeful is the Oral Care Rabbit by MAM.

Most experts suggest introducing baby to a toothbrush asap – let them play with it, chew on it and consequently learn how it operates so it’s not a big shock when you suddenly inert said brush into babs’s moth and start scraping their little gums.

MAM’s rabbit glove allows you to start good oral hygiene habits right from birth!

No parent is likely to stick a toothbrush into the mouth of their newborn baby…but a finger – that might just work!

The rabbit glove is fits on the hand (two fingers to be exact; ring- and fore-finger) – its ears are made from special microfibres that remove bacteria and thus clean baby’s mouth. The idea is to massage baby’s gums – much like one would do with a toothbrush.

Not only is the glove a great way to get babs used to having a toothbrush-like contraption in his mouth but it can offer a little comfort to babies who are teething – gnawing on the microfibres will surely help with gum irritation. Two birds one stone!

MAM’s Oral Care Rabbit is easily available online for around £7 – check out all the usual suspects (Amazon included).