Too Many Toys Limit Imagination, says Study

A new study has revealed that fewer toys boosts creativity in children…

Baby toys

According to a University of Toledo study on getting the most out of playtime, you’re hardly depriving your offspring if you choose to downsize the gift-giving this year. In fact, you’re benefiting them by expanding their capacity for creativity, instead. And if your little tyke is already spoiled for choice–or you’d rather not risk the wrath come Christmas morning? Simply limit the options at a given time during play–

“When provided with fewer toys in the environment, toddlers engage in longer periods of play with a single toy, allowing better focus to explore and play more creatively,” researchers explain, concluding that having fewer toys “promotes development and healthy play.”

“When there is an abundance of toys, small collections can be rotated into play while the majority is stored away, providing opportunities for novelty without creating the distraction posed by having too many toys available.”

Apart from enhanced “creativity, imagination, and skill development”, another bonus from this approach is that it makes clean-ups less of a behemoth. Ultimately, it comes down to which monster you’d rather tackle; a ton of tidying, or tot curtailed…