Maternity fashions – style tips for pregnant mums

What are preggy mums rocking these days? A new survey from has dished the dirt!

Jeans are IN and minis are OUT: over half of us rate a great pair of jeans the most important item in our maternity wardrobe, and less than 0.2 per cent would wear miniskirts with our pregnant bellies.

The likely reason being a statistic listing legs (followed by bum, skin, breasts and arms) as a pregnant woman’s least liked feature. In other words, we’re gonna cover ‘em, not flaunt ‘em.

Our favourite accessories during pregnancy are 1) a scarf 2) jewellery 3) shoes 4) handbags, and our biggest style occasions during pregnancy are 1) weddings 2) formal occasions 3) evenings out.

With my first baby, I found it pretty easy to style my bump – I didn’t start showing until around 4 months and I found confident dressing my neat little belly.

The second time though was more challenging; I started showing much earlier and went through a ‘is that a baby or just too much food belly?’ which was sort of difficult to dress (also because I was trying to hide my burgeoning bump for 12 weeks). After my bump started looking like a preggy belly and not a food belly, it was easier to dress.

I wore lots of tights and loose tops in the beginning and then I tightened things up on top as my bump grew. Although in the last couple of months I tended to cycle about five staple outfits and barely anything fit me anymore.

But it was all part of the fun.

Do you have any fabulous style tips for pregnant mums? Do share!

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  1. During my pregnancy I never had to stop being fashionable I had such a perfect bumb I just had to buy 1 size bigger what didnt help either isi did not like any maternity clothing so my advice would be to newly pregnant ladys is just buy bigger it works better and u can still rock those latest fashion looks xx

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