Miffy turns 60 – Happy Birthday little bunny!

Illustrator Dick Bruna drew Miffy for the first time on 21 June 1955, and this year we’re celebrating 60 years of the world’s best known little white bunny.

Miffy turns 60 – Happy Birthday little bunny!

Whilst on a rainy seaside holiday in North Holland, Bruna was inspired by a rabbit that kept hopping around the garden of his holiday home; he sketched a bunny version of the rabbit and then made up stories to go along with his illustrations, which he told to his one-year-old son as bedtime stories.

To date there are 32 storybooks about Miffy (Nijntje in Dutch), which have sold over 85 million copies. Miffy the Movie was released in 2012 and there are also two separate TV series on Miffy as well as a load of clothes, toys and other such paraphernalia that feature the cite little bunny.

Miffy’s birthday is being celebrated all over the world. In Holland, Miffy has been awarded her own stamp; twelve series of stamps will be issued throughout the year, bringing fond memories of the Miffy books to many. In the UK, Miffy is partnering with Bliss, the premature and special care baby charity, to fund-raise throughout the year; there are already three events scheduled – visit Bliss.co.uk for more info.

And if you had forgotten about dear Miffy, now is the perfect time to remember her; on her special anniversary year!