Moonlite: Transform Bedtime with the New Smartphone Attachment 

Snuggling up for stories never gets old – but it can get more magical…


One night mum Natalie Rebot was making shadow puppets on the ceiling for her four-year-old daughter Chloe, using a smartphone flashlight. Seeing her invented creatures come to life above – each made more real through the boundless lens of her little one’s imagination – the former Google employee and software engineer saw opportunity to make this simple magic even more captivating.

Moonlite app

“Imagine projecting your child’s favourite bedtime story onto the ceiling or wall while you are snuggling in bed with them?” reads Natalie’s Kickstarter page for Moonlite, the smartphone attachment set to transform bedtimes.

Moonlite is a mini-projector device that attaches to most phones, and uses the mobile’s flash source to project images onto the ceiling (or any flat surface). Along with the Moonlite attachment, Natalie created an app that tells a story (including sound effects) while listeners gaze at the projected images.

Natalie says that Moonlite has “made our bedtime routine simply magical. It has revived the excitement of reading and most importantly, it has helped nurture and fuel Chloe’s imagination while creating an incredible bonding experience that we both look forward to every night.”

Check out Moonlite on Kickstarter.