More male child care workers

Nearly all parents would like to see more male child care workers. According to a recent survey conducted by Major Provider’s Group, almost all parents in the UK are in favour of more male child care workers.

What has been traditionally a ‘woman’s’ role, it is refreshing that such gender stigmas are finally being broken, as most parents are in favour of male workers being employed at nurseries and in other childcare roles.

male child care workers

The survey interviewed 1,200 parents, all of whom had children attending one of the 14 largest nursery chains in the UK.

Out of the parents’ poll, 98% of the participants said they were in support of men looking after their children. As well as parents being interviewed, the survey also took the opinions of the childcare workers employed at the nurseries.

Out of a random 750 female child carers interviewed, 98% said would embrace having a male worker as a colleague.

The recent findings are an important step in gender equality in the workforce. If more parents are vocal and their favour of having more male child care workers, then the childcare industry is more likely to employ men in this traditionally female-orientated working environment.

The reasons that almost a unanimous number of parents would want to see more male workers employed in child care positions is relatively straight forward.

Earlier research conducted by the children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC), showed a large number of parents, particularly single mothers, would like to see and man involved in caring for their child in their absence, primarily so that male early years workers would ensure that young children have adequate contact with a man.

Talking about the importance for young children to have a male role model, Thom Crabbe, National Development Manager for Early Years at the Children’s Workforce Development Council said:

“Parents are right to want to see more men working in early years. It is important that during the crucial first five years of a child’s life they have quality contact with both male and female role models.”

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