How much maternity leave do mums take these days?

Often, mums start their maternity leave with a certain intention but change their minds once they get into the swing of things – some mums might decide that they want the best of both worlds (work and baby) so they decide to do both from home, and others might decide that working from an office is still the best way to get things done. That said; it’s not usually as simple as ‘just making a decision’ – there’s that pesky little thing called “money”, which is usually the driving force behind the ‘how much maternity leave to take’ question.

maternity leave

According to a new survey by Workingmums.co.uk, many women said the economic situation was affecting how long they took for maternity leave. Some 46 per cent of mums returned to work early due to the recession or cost of living, and 10 per cent only took between one and three months’ maternity leave. The majority, however, took between seven and 12 months.

Interestingly, although 70 per cent of new mums said they went back to work because they needed the money (and an overwhelming majority – 94 per cent – rated money as important when making the decision) 60 per cent said they would work even if money was not an issue.

Emotional factors play an important part too. Of the women surveyed, 76 per cent want to work to boost their self-esteem, 63 per cent want adult company and 56 per cent want to get out of the house. And career factors are also relevant – 60 per cent of mums want to continue on their set career path, and 85 per cent enjoy their job.

The survey results suggest that the modern mum of today craves a dynamic lifestyle.

It’s sometimes east to adopt a single role – mum or colleague or wife or friend; but we can be all of the above. We can work, and fulfil our career potential, and we can also be there for our kids and our families. Even if money is tight; careful budgeting and clever savings and investment options will enable you to have your cake and eat it too!

How long was your maternity leave? How did you make your decision?

Source: Workingmums.co.uk – “Workingmums.co.uk Annual Survey 2014” (http://www.workingmums.co.uk/campaigns/employers/employers-landing-page/8050202/x.thtml)