This is How Much Sleep You’ve Lost since Becoming a Parent

A poll by the Sweet Dream Babies reveals that around 88 percent of mums experienced sleep problems in the last 5 years; namely, the lack of said sleep. Obviously, this isn’t really a revelation if you are in fact part of the parent ‘hood; nor is the myriad benefits to being dead on your feet–deflated psyche, destroyed mental acuity, and generally feeling exponentially junk every accumulated waking hour. If you’re at a loss as to how to fill your time between the hours of is-this-baby-ever-going-to-fall-asleep and why-is-this-baby-already-awake–and / or you want to obsess further about how much shuteye you’ve flushed down the proverbial toilet (along with your skinny jeans) check out this nifty “lost sleep” calculation tool for a spot of fun.

Restless baby

The lost sleep counter from Hillarys is simple (so even the exhaustion-addled can work it): just input your kids’ ages, and prepare to be blown away by the human capacity to withstand protracted torture–specified in exact hours, days, and months.

Calculate your woes here, and if you’re feeling particularly sorry for yourself you’re once you’ve got the numbers, just remember you’re not alone in your suffering; even those folks with unicorn sleeping-through-the-night babies are probably lying about it, anyway.

Via madeformums