Mum Delivers Baby in Five Minutes Flat – For Real!

Hold on to your birthing balls, mamas, the fastest labour in history – or thereabouts – has just made headlines; with a bouncing babs being delivered in only five minutes — there’s hope for the rest of us yet!

parents and baby

Earlier this month, 20-year-old Daisy Stewart was induced at 4 weeks prem due to pre-eclamspsia, in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland. As the first pangs of the big L began, hospital staff explained it would be “a slow, painful process of 2 to 3 days” before the actual birth.

Labour with a first baby usually takes around 12 to 18 hours on average (my own was a hellish 26 hour ordeal), yet even when Daisy started getting contractions earlier than statistically expected, a nurse told her she could look forward to at least a good 10 hours of hard work.

“Before my labour was classed as active labour Poppy went back to back – so the contractions were extremely painful and that’s why I got diamorphine.” Daisy tells madeformums.

And then – as little ones are wont to do at the best of times – Daisy’s daughter defied the norm; with mum in the labour suite for but half an hour when her waters were broken and delivery a miniscule 5 minutes after.

“I pushed once and [the midwife] said, ‘There’s the head.’ I pushed 2 more times and then Poppy arrived. It was all a bit surreal.”

Daisy’s labour time was recorded as 5 minutes 17 seconds. The sprint from first contraction to final push was so speedy that having arrived so close to Daisy receiving pain relief, Poppy was born fast asleep (aww).

Currently, no world record stands for the quickest birth, though the Guinness Book of Records have reportedly stated they will consider an application from Daisy.

The story is bound to put a spring in every preggers mum’s step; still, if you’re not prone to optimism for your own labour, read why longer stints in the delivery room could be good for mother and baby, too.