Mum Downsizes Her FOUR Kids’ Toys to Just One Box – Could You?

Imagine a world where Barbies, Playdoh, LEGO, and the more indeterminate detritus of children’s playthings did not form the injurious, sole topography of your home. A world where the term ‘minimalist’ could actually be applied to the aesthetics of your abode – not your kids’ hygiene regimen, or your nightly quota of shut-eye.

Children in living room

One mum appears to have unlocked the secret to achieving just this; downscaling her FOUR children’s clutter to just one box — and they’re (apparently) (collectively) enjoying the perks of such a pared down lifestyle….

Nobody likes cleaning up – at least not after small humans. It’s a thankless task firmly pencilled in on Groundhog Day; neverending, and the sheer mind-numbing repetition is enough to make you question the point of your very existence.

In fact, a new survey reveals that the constant tidying up required when one becomes a parent tops the list of the hardest things about parenting – more so than sleep deprivation.

So it comes as no surprise that blogger Allie Casazza, who runs a site called The Purposeful Housewife to help families reduce clutter in their lives, received some mad parental props when she recently posted this Instagram pic.

Behold her real-life, clutter-free lounge, populated only by her brood, one toy bin, and some hipster furniture – you know, adult things.

Allie’s caption reads:

“See that bin? That holds every toy my kids have, except Legos, and it’s only about halfway full.

“This isn’t to show how hardcore we are or to say that you have to do this to experience the fullness of a life lived intentionally with less stuff, but only to say that kids are naturally happy little creatures.

“They’re made to imagine, play, explore, and create. If you remove everything they’ve been told to stay entertained with, they will complain for a few days, but pretty soon their God-given imaginations will breathe a deep sigh and be brought to life again.

“They’ll discover the beauty in making up stories and acting them out together, of finding bugs and naming them Hubert (Bella’s grasshopper), and of forming a strong bond uninterrupted by noisy toys that do all the playing for them.

“It’s a beautiful exchange – junk for life. I’m never going back and I’ll spend my life spreading this message.”

She ends her post with the hashtags: “#minimalism #childhoodunplugged”

The supermum and her kids donate any toys they decide not to keep.

Freeing yourself from mess – plus instilling some charitable ethos within your children – is evidently possible; but personally, I don’t have huge issues with having to navigate around my daughter’s possessions. Each bit is evidence of her presence (chaotic, but fabulous) in our lives, and each beloved toy – and yes, sometimes seemingly total piece of junk – represents her varied interests and complex inner world.I don’t believe limiting these things to a single storage tub will expand her imagination and interaction with the world…I believe my active engagement with her – whether it be by getting elbow-deep in Barbie shoes or scaling together her Dali-style LEGO metropolises through our respective minifig proxies, or making fairy trails in the garden with plain old sticks and pebbles – is what counts.

A tidy house can totally wait – what say you?