This Mum Gets Childcare EVERY Weekend – What Do You Think?

Ever since this couple confessed to using childcare every weekend (yup, every weekend) the Internet has been predictably weighing in with generous helpings of both scathing judgement and envy. But what do you – really – think of their seemingly cushy deal?


Every Friday night, model and presenter Rachael Finch sends her 2-year-old daughter Violet off to hubby Michael’s mother’s house.

Mum-in-law Irena then plays babysitter until Sunday morning, leaving Rachael and Michael to enjoy a blissful chunk of child-free life; the likes of which the majority of parents only experience in their wildest dreams (until wildings storm the bedroom at the crack of dawn and shatter the momentary reverie, that is).

Rachael claims the weekend set-up is healthy for her marriage and enables her to “balance” being a mum, pursuing her career and maintaining her relationship.

The TV personality has even declared she’s ready for more babies – so something’s obviously working.

And the kiddie-help doesn’t end there. Rachael’s 85-year-old grandmother, Elizabeth, takes over on weekday afternoons to give mum a breather while granny and Violet go for a walk.

Although her Instagram account is chock-a-block with date night updates, socialite snaps and work promos, Rachael tells the Telegraph that she HAS shifted her priorities since Violet was born:

“It was very much career and travel, which still exist, but the priorities have become Violet and family, because you have this little thing that’s dependent on you,” she says.
Plenty folks are peeved at this celeb pair’s arrangement, yet it should be remembered that, historically, parenting was never meant to be done in isolation – it took a village. Literally. Rachael’s shared childcare isn’t a new idea.

And motherhood shouldn’t be about martyrdom; if you can catch a break, why not take it?

The one thing that does seem a little off about this apparent perfect setup, however, is the notion of ‘balance’ Rachael has claimed to have achieved.

You can never have it all, and something’s always gotta give; the scales will be skewed day to day and moment to moment as you try to navigate being a semi-decent mum, partner, and career woman without going postal. Multitasking – at least successfully – is a myth.

Ultimately, how this mum chooses to live her life is totally contextual, but it should give the rest of us pause for thought to examine whether our own setups are working. Maybe a weekend off (if we can get it) is not such a bad idea.

But just occasionally – there’s nothing I love more than being woken up by my daughter’s smiling face on a Saturday. No matter how ridiculously early.