Would you have your mum-in-law as a birthing partner?

Believe it or not, mums-in-law have become popular birthing partners. You may not think that twenty per cent sounds a lot – twenty per cent referring to the number of women who’d want a paternal grandmother present at the birth – but maybe think of the statistic as one in five. One in five women would want their MIL standing at the other end of their birthing canals as babs rears its colossal (but beautiful) head.

birthing partners

No thanks. No way. NO way. The sceptic in me says: when you need someone to look after your kids to save on childcare costs, perhaps a little down payment is free entrance to the baby’s first world appearance? Interestingly, 22 per cent of new mums leave their MIL to look after their new baby within two weeks of the birth.


But let me not plant silly ideas in your lovely heads (too late?). Perhaps the whole overprotective MIL dishing out annoying and unwarranted advice at will is merely old fashioned and stereotypical?

New research commissioned by The Baby Show suggests MILs are, in fact, considered valuable sources of advice and support for new mums and dads. These days, there are loads of women are really close to their MILs. Of the women surveyed, 80 per cent of new mums said that their mother-in-law was in the delivery room just minutes after they gave birth. And two thirds of new mums (65 per cent) said they seek out the advice of their MILs about parenting because of their own experiences.


What do you think? Would you have your MIL in the delivery room with you?

Source: Express.co.uk – “Fifth of all women want mum-in-law there for birth of baby” (http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/522762/women-want-mum-in-law-for-birth-of-baby