Mums give up organic so that their children can have it instead

When I started weaning my children, I was dedicated to using only organic ingredients. And I did pretty well… but at the expense of my own eating habits.

Budget said that my family of four could not all have organic, so hubby and I did the martyr thing; sacrificing the best quality for the sake of our two beauties. Why is organic so much more expensive? (Surely healthy eating should be promoted by making the healthiest foods the cheapest, not the most expensive?)

And many of you agree.

Research by Plum Baby found that mums 35 per cent of mums are happy to forego eating organic themselves to be able to afford luxury food for their babies.

And not only that; 31 per cent of mums  even give up their favourite beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures and regular haircuts to be able to afford organic produce.

According to Plum, one in twenty of us spends two hours a day pureeing organic food for our babies, and one in ten parents will travel twenty miles to ensure the fridge is full of the right food for baby

I love that we are so willing to do what we perceive to be the best for our babies!

Source: – “Mums go to extreme lengths so babies can eat top quality, organic food”.

Is there anything that you sacrifice so that your baby can have better?