My Baby Today – A useful baby app

There cannot be a more daunting, exciting and often confusing job then becoming a parent. Because of its ups and downs and complexities every parent needs advice and support.

But without wanting to look like they aren’t ‘coping’, or not wanting to keep ‘nagging’ their midwife or health visitors, many parents’ concerns, worries and questions often go unanswered.


This is where a useful baby app, the My Baby Today app may help. It’s an app that parents can turn to 24 hours a day, seven days a week for advice and support on practically any baby-related issue.

My Baby Today has been developed by BabyCenter and can be downloaded for free at iTunes. This intuitive app provides parents with various tools and information aimed at helping parenthood run smoothly.

The app includes a personalised daily calendar of your baby’s development, a useful checklist and reminders, which parents can update to cater for their individual requirements and a photo album so that parents can visually record those magical milestones and moments,

The useful baby app also answers to virtually all “Is this normal?” questions, extensive information on the health and safety issues regarding babies, advice on feeding and care, ideas and tips on how mums should take care of themselves after having a baby, suggested activities for babies at various ages each week, as well as reasons to laugh and celebrate!

All the information provided on the My Baby Today app has been reviewed and approved by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board.

The My Baby App was updated in October 2011 and has received some great feedback from parents, as one user wrote on the iTunes website:

“Keeps you in touch with your baby’s milestones. Great app!”

The really useful baby app, My Baby Today can be downloaded for free on to an iPhone at