My toddler refuses to have his hair washed! Follow these simple tips…

Most toddlers go through a phrase of not wanting to have their hair washed, making bath time extremely difficult for everyone involved.

If you have found yourself saying ‘My toddler refuses to have his hair washed’, you need to read our tips below….

1 – Remember your toddler’s hair does not need to be washed every time they have a bath. Cut down washing your child’s hair to just two or three times a week. This way, not only will the ‘none washing hair nights’ be a more relaxed affair, but you could try and build up the bath times when the hair is to be washed into something special and exciting.

2 – Try and make washing hair as fun as possible. Place a plastic mirror in the bath so that your child can see their ‘foamy’ reflection. Make shapes with the foam and place it on your own nose – Mum looking slightly foolish is guaranteed to make a child laugh!

3 – Washing your child’s favourite doll’s hair or a teddy’s can work wonders on suddenly changing a toddler’s attitude towards having their hair washing. “If Dolly’s got clean hair, I want it too!”

4 – Get in the bath with your toddler and wash your own hair at the same time as theirs. Firstly your child will be exciting by the prospect of having a bath with you, and secondly she may want to copy you. Or if you have other older children, put your toddler in the bath with them. Toddlers have an uncanny tendency of always wanting to copy their older siblings, including washing their hair!

5 – If your child kicks up a fuss having her hair washed in the bath, a change of scenery may aid as a good enough distraction to keep her more relaxed and happy to have her hair washed. Using a shower attachment and washing your toddler’s hair over the bath, may prove more exciting than a normal bath time, or wash their hair in the sink, pretending you are at the hairdressers may do the trick.