New app for babies! The Sophie la giraffe app

Sophie la giraffe is one of those things that you don’t know everyone knows about – until you notice the occasional baby chewing on a Sophie-leg or a mum searching frantically in her bag whilst her baby screams blue murder, only to extricate a Sophie… once Sophie’s on your radar, you’ll see her everywhere.

Because she is everywhere.

Even in cyberspace.

DK’s Sophie la giraffe app is an interactive story app that aims to stimulate and entertain children with the following books:

* “Sophie Peekaboo”, in which flaps can be lifted to reveal pop-up surprises from Sophie and friends.

* “Sophie Let’s Get Counting”, which encourages children to count with Sophie as objects light up or disappear when selected.

The app also includes:

* The ability to follow the text, which lights up as the narrator reads along.

* The ability to assign specific profiles to each of your children so you can follow their individual development.

* The ability to click on the objects to reveal surprise sounds from Sophie and her friends.

* The ability to share your child’s development with chosen family members through Family Connect.

* A photo function with Family Connect that allows you to upload photos to share and become part of Sophie’s story.

The interactive stories are aimed at children from ages 0-3 years, and there are a couple more Sophie la giraffe books due for imminent release, so keep your eyes peeled!

CLICK HERE to download DK’s Sophie la giraffe app.