New baby sign app – “Baby Signs”

“Baby Signs” is a video phrase book with 229 baby signs (ASL) that will teach you how to use special sign language communicate with your baby.

Categories in the baby sign app include feelings, people, bedtime-dressing and food-kitchen among others, and the app features everything a baby is likely to see, experience and feel. Signs can be sorted alphabetically or by category, and allows you to choose favourites, search for signs and test your knowledge in quiz mode.

If you haven’t heard about baby sign, check out the following article “What is baby sign”. But basically it’s the use of gestures to communicate – which is what babies do before they learn to speak.

The idea is to learn the signs yourself and then teach them to your baby. The baby sign app’s video format makes the signs easy to pick up than if you were, for example, learning by picture tutorial.

The benefits of baby sign are thought to be:

* The enhancement of language skills: on average babies who learned to sign know 50 more words by the age of two than babies who never learned sign.

* Gives you a chance to see how your baby interprets the world, providing insight into your child’s mind and personality.

* Is thought (by some experts) to increase your baby’s IQ by an average of 12 points. (Source: Acredolo & Goodwyn).

* Improves your baby’s self-esteem by letting her communicate her needs in ways other than crying.

* Builds mutual trust and enhances the bond between baby and parent

The baby sign app has received loads of positive reviews such as: it’s easy to use, and the videos are professionally performed and easy to follow.

CLICK HERE to download the baby sign app.