New Breast-like Feeding Bottle

If you’re trying to choose a bottle for your impending arrival, it would be worth checking out Vital Baby’s new Nurture Breast-like Feeding Bottle.

It’s just won some awards, including the New Product Market 2012 under £20 Gold Award and the Bottle/Teat Bronze Award recognised by Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards.

So, what’s the big deal about the breast-like Feeding Bottle?

As its name suggests, it has been designed with a teat that simulates the feel and shape of a breast in an effort to mimic a natural breastfeeding action. The teats have been described as natural in shape, soft and flexible. The idea is that it will be easier for baby to latch on and feed.

The breast-like Feeding Bottle has been made for mums who are doing combination feeding (swopping between breast and bottle) as well as mums who are using just a bottle.

The cool thing about a bottle (and teat) that has been designed to mimic breastfeeding is that it makes the transition between breast and bottle (in combination feeding) that much easier. Babies can sometimes get confused and this can make feeding difficult.

The Nurture Breast-like Feeding Bottle aims to avoid this.

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Have you used Vital’s Nurture Breast-like Feeding Bottle? If so, what did you think?