New family app!

The ‘Health n Family’ app – A digital doctor and doctor’s receptionist on your iPhone!

In today’s digital world parents are increasingly ditching the good old health encyclopaedia for more sophisticated means of finding information about any health ailments and niggles that may be affecting their family.

Apps are becoming one of the most popular and well-trusted means of obtaining information about health and family life, and none no more so than the new family app, the ‘Health n Family’ app.

The ‘Health n Family’ app provides comprehensive information about any health concern you may have and is a single solution for accessing health care information for all the family.

This essential health and family app enables users to store medical information, such as prescriptions, doctors’ appointments, emergency contact details and important documents such as insurance details, conveniently and securely on their iPhone. The app features password security so that parents are the only ones who can access the information.

Users can maintain their child’s immunisation records on the new family app, list any allergies they may have and find advice on possible treatments, each family member’s height and weight can be stored, which will then calculate their BMI, users have almost instant access to their family’s health history, as well as numbers of local clinics and hospitals.

Alongside being the ideal way to keep and track your family’s health records conveniently and safely without the need for paperwork, the ‘Health n Family’ app provides links to a wealth of information about almost every ailment, infection or disease you can care to imagine.

In short, the ‘Health n Family’ app is an essential health tool for every modern family.

You can buy the new family app, this vital ‘digital doctor and doctor’s reception at for just £3.99.