New gadget to help baby sleep

Magic Mitten is the latest gadget on the market that claims to help baby sleep – and which parent out there isn’t a sucker for anything that will send their little loves off to the land of slumber?

The Magic Mitten was created by a New Zealand dad and if you check out the reviews on the site – – parents love it!

The device is a ‘hand held calming device’ that plays three sounds; ocean waves, rain on a tin roof and a mother’s heartbeat – all ‘white noise’ sounds that are thought it calm fussy or colicky babies.

The Mitten (as its name suggests) attaches to your hand like a… mitten, which enables you to hold the device to your crying baby’s ear whilst holding him/her.

It has a fixed volume level to provide a safe decibel level, it automatically switches off after 10 minutes’ use for safety and prolonged battery life, has a removable comfort pad for easy cleaning and can be recharged via AC/DC charger or USB connection (the battery should last 8 hours).

What I Iike about the Magic Mitten is that it’s small enough to take out and about, and when being played, is not audible to other people in the room or immediate vicinity – which is super handy.

Although white noise is something that babies do commonly respond to when crying, it won’t calm your babs if there is underlying physical need that needs addressing, like et, such as hunger, body temperature, a soiled nappy, teething, constipation and so on.

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