Boden maternity range

Being pregnant is awesome – the glow, the excitement, the baby – but not fitting into any of your pre-preggy clothes… well, blagh!

But here’s some news, lovely mums; there are some pretty cool Boden maternity clothes out there; clothes that might just compensate for not being able to fit into the stuff gathering dust in your cupboard.

Boden maternity range

Boden has a maternity range, which is a cacophony of retro chic. From maternity staples like leggings and ‘easy tees’ to tunics, wrap dresses, maxi dresses and straightleg jeans, there’s certainly enough stuff to keep you going through those ‘big bump’ months.

Retro prints (flowers, spots and stripes) and plain autumn colours dominate the range; everything’s quite muted and perhaps a bit understated – best suited to a more conservative dresser (but then not all of us are stars and sequins!).

The Petal Bud Crossover Tunic is pretty, the Military Blue Paint Spot Maternity Tee kinda funky and definitely check out the Maternity Minis, which are super cute.

Boden online has a ‘Mix & Match Outfit Maker’ that allows you to try out different styles on a virtual model, but sadly there is no model with a bump to let mums-to-be mix and match maternity wear –you’ll just have to use your style imagination when shopping.

Visit to check out the range. Happy shopping, lovelies!