New mum advice! How to change a nappy in five simple steps

Changing a nappy may seem like something obvious to many already-mums and even to some mums-to-be. But before I had a baby, I was totally clueless. Changing a nappy was as foreign as the recesses of the Vietnamese jungle.

So, in recognition of all the new mums out there, here’s how to change a nappy in five simple steps:

 How to change a nappy

1. Gather everything you need – nappy, nappy rash cream (if you’re using), wipes/cotton wool (and warm water), extra clothes (in case babs has soiled his clothes and needs a new onesie) –before you do the changing.

2. Unfasten nappy and clean babs’ bottom and genitals with wipes/cotton wool.

3. Pat skin dry with cotton wool or muslin, especially in the folds!

4. Dab on the nappy rash cream (if you are using) – a thin layer should be fine.

5. Fasten nappy and button up clothes.

And you’re done.

A sixth (unofficial) step, which again seems obvious, is to dispose of the nappy. I often forgot (and still forget) to do this. If my babs is wailing then I’ll pick her up straight after changing her, forgetting about the silly nappy… only to find it hanging out on the floor a while later.

It’s not too disastrous if it was a wee nappy but number twos should not be left lying around – for everyone’s sake.

Another tip: newborns tend to wee (and poo) at the most inconvenient times! Make sure you have a changing mat or ‘water-proof’ something under babs’ bottom. My husband was once on the receiving end of a projectile poo and he never again stood at the bottom end of our daughter’s nappy – he changed her standing at her side. Too funny!

Good luck new mums! Once you’ve done it a couple of times, you will be a changing expert!