Brutally honest Doodle Diary from a new mum keeps motherhood real

Lucy Scott is a Scottish illustrator and mum who’s keepin’ it real. In 2012, she gave birth to her first baby. Three years later, inspired by her total lack of preparedness for what being a mother actually entailed, Scott decided to chronicle those early, glorious moments of spit-up, sleep deprivation and generalised leakages.

New mum's brutally honest Doodle Diary keeps motherhood real

Doodle Diary of a New Mum is the ultimate commiserative conversation starter for mums freshly inducted into the parenthood club – and is by no means sophisticated coffee table literature.

Scott’s new book is a brilliantly funny, unfiltered version of events brought to life in a series of doodle-esque illustrations. And it leaves little un-parodied – feeding frenzies, nightmare car rides, poop explosions – they’re all there for readers to relive afresh the good times in two-tone colour. (Also included are a few doodling prompts in the back of the book so mums can doodle their own first-year memories.)

Hold up on bulk-buying this book for baby shower gifts; it’s brutally honest – though utterly hilarious – and the picture(s) it paints of first-time parenthood are less than pretty.

But do give it to any new mums once they’ve given birth – it’s the perfect comic relief to the crazy, chaotic first years of being a parent, and, as old hands at the game will tell you, a sense of humour is the best way to survive the trip (somewhat) unscathed.

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