New nappy prints by reusable nappy brand, Bambino Mio

If you’re a fan of popular reusable nappy brand Bambino Mio, or you’re keen to start using reusables, BM recently launched a cool new range of all-in-one nappy designs that definitely make the idea of converting from disposables mighty attractive.

The Miosolo nappy is one size meaning it will grow with baby from birth through to potty training eliminating the need to buy any more nappies.

The size of the nappy can be changed using the adjustable poppers and Velcro style fastenings to suit the shape of little bottoms.

Miosolo nappies also boast an absorbent core and a stay-dry inner layer that keep moisture away from baby’s skin, leaving it cool and dry, as well as a ‘stay soft’ feature that keeps nappies soft after washing. And what makes Miosolo reusables unique is the pull-out tab system that makes removing the core from inside the nappy as simple as possible – improving washing performance and speeding up drying time.

And the new patterns…?

…Eco-chic is embellished by designs including an Elephant Parade, ‘London Calling’, Woodland Fox and Ladybird Ball.

The thing with reusable nappies is that they cost more at the outset but because they last a good couple of years plus, you ultimately save money. They’re an investment. And funky prints make them look pretty darn cool too.

Miosolo reusables (new designs and all) retail for £15.99 – visit for more info.