New organic food range for babies by Aldi

Aldi is gearing for the launch of a new Mamia organic baby food range that is set to rival all other ‘no nasty’ brands when it comes to pricing – which is exactly what the overpriced organic market needs!

The new organic food range for babies is typical ‘health market’ baby food, with no added sugar and 100 per cent organic ingredients – yay! we like healthy baby food – but the best part is that pouches are competitively priced at 59p for 120g.

The price is great but there are only two variants available (to date): apples and bananas or strawberries and apples.

Both are lump free and are suitable for babies from four months (first stage weaning. And if you’re thinking that the lack of variation sort of undermines the great price, remember that the range is but new.

And Aldi has plans for a savoury option, which is due out this September.

What baby doesn’t love smooth, pureed fruit? What mum doesn’t love food that’s healthy and takes no time to make? Yup, that’s what I thought.

Visit for more info on the new products.

Have you tried Aldi’s organic baby food range? If so, tell us what you thought.