New pregnancy app for men

Oh men! – they do try but sometimes…just sometimes.

Mums-to-be; if you’re trying to get your partners interested in all things baby, a technological incentive is a good way to do it. An app is much more ‘man friendly’ than a pregnancy book or magazine.

He can read discreetly in public and maintain his manly cool while doing it.

“mPregnancy – for Men” is a new pregnancy app designed especially for men. It contains facts about you and your baby and purveys information in a manner that a man would relate to (with a sense of humour) eg.  it describes the size of the foetus in relation to a football or a bottle of beer. Other app features include:

  • Baby size for each week, both in inches and the metric system.
  • A useful FAQ section that contains information about what mum-to-be cannot eat, how to prepare a nursery, and how the baby’s gestational age is counted.
  • Weekly information about the baby, about the expecting mum, and about you as the expectant father. It also deals with other pregnancy related things such as economy, insurance, baby shower, and how to prepare for delivery and the first few days after the delivery.
  • A scoreboard on the new pregnancy app for men keeps track the baby’s gestational age, the current trimester and the number of days left of the pregnancy. The due date can be set with one out of three popular ways: beginning of last period, conception date, or due date provided by your doctor.

And ladies, it might be worth taking a peek to see things from your man’s perspective!

CLICK HERE to download the app.