New rap video: what new motherhood REALLY looks like

Did anyone tell you, before you had babies, how rough the first few weeks/months/YEARS of motherhood were actually going to be? Probably not.

New rap video: what new motherhood REALLY looks like

Ever heard a rap song break the not-so-pretty postpartum truth down for you, one sleepless night and stretch mark at a time? Didn’t think so.

True to their name, The BreakWomb comedienne mommas, along with special guests Nyima Funk and Bridget Kloss-Dario, are bursting the bubble and giving you the lowdown on what you can really expect when you’re expecting: say adios to sleep and hello to saggy bellies, crazy hormones, and leakages aplenty – to name but a few sexy surprises in store for ya.

These ladies lyricise everything everybody else is too polite to say, and they do it with stylin’ attitude.

Hit it, grrrls:

YouTube sketch-comedy group The BreakWomb, made up of mums Megan Grano, Molly Erdman and Laurel Coppock, met back in 1999, and have been performing together in various comedy projects ever since.

“As mothers/comedians, we had all three noticed a need for more sketch comedy specifically geared towards moms, because honestly, parenthood is so freakin’ funny and we felt there was room for way more funny content about it,” Grano says. “We have found the response to be overwhelmingly positive. There’s a lot of serious content out there for moms, and of course, that’s much needed. But so are the laughs, am I right?!”

The good-humoured skit is not meant to scare the maternity pants off of you, it’s about keepin’ it real; yes, having a baby is hard, (yo), but even if you’re more exhausted than you’ve ever thought possible right now, and you pee a little whenever you stretch too far, you’ll eventually laugh about the tough stuff – and have mad love for your kid the whole way through.